This is what we do.
At Mythcarver Games, we craft memorable experiences and promising games. We team up with artistic creatives to bring you the best of what Indie games have to offer.
Here are some of the indie games we’ve developed over the years.

A froggy turn-based RPG adventure with a musical twist! Execute actions to the rhythm of the music and explore a wide variety of unique settings in this animal world. Get swept up in an emotional story about friendship, loss, and love.
Cereal Killaz is a classic 2D fighting game featuring thinly-veiled characters from all your favorite breakfast cereals! Fast-paced and colorful, it's easy to pick up but with enough tactical depth to satisfy even the most hardcore fans of the genre.
Monorail Stories is an adventure game focusing on extraordinary things happening to ordinary people. Board the monorail and experience a special story about humanity, friendships, and intertwined destinies manifesting during the everyday commute.
An alien world sometimes needs a farmer’s touch to bring it to life. In this sci-fi, colonization-life sim, terraform a barren world: turn blasted wastelands into a verdant landscape while exploring, farming, building, and unlocking all the mysteries of this strange new world.
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